can jquery repeat form fields?

A simple jQuery plugin to repeat groups of form fields. Use jQuery repeat form fields to create groups of repeatable html inputs and create infinite rows of data which can be submitted as arrays or with incremented input name attributes.

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Form Field Repeater JS takes the hassle out for creating html forms with repeating rows so you can create dynamic form that your users will love. If you don’t know how many rows your form will need or if the number of rows you need changes with each submission then you will need  Form Field Repeater JS  to dynamical add input field to your form.

Can jQuery repeat form fields? Try the form field repeater demo below and see for yourself

Form Field Repeater Demo

Who Is And Who Isn’t?

Who is

Who isn’t

jQuery Repeat Form Fields

jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. Form Field Repeater JS uses the jQuery library to repeat html input elements so you can allow your users to submit rich data. This jQuery plugin was created by AmberCouch web designer Cardiff but we can not be held responsible if this plugin does not work as intended and we provide no guarantees that it is even fit for purpose.